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Promob Downloader - How to download a product


Through the Promob Services Portal you can download the product installation files (Promobs and Plugins) from Promob that you have.


1. You can only download the installation files for a product if the CATS (Support Technology Agreement and Support) is active;

2. Administrative permissions are required in the browser folder used to access the Promob Downloader and also in the folder where the product installation files will be downloaded. To set up permissions, ask a computer technician or person in charge;

3. Computer requirements for installing / using Promob Downloader:

1. Operating System Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

2. Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2 (in the case of Windows 10, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 must also be enabled)

3. Connecting to the Internet

4. Account (login and password) in the Promob Services Portal

5. The time and speed of downloading the Promob installation files are related to the speed of the Internet, the size of the system to be downloaded and the number of accesses to the Promob server;


If you already have Promob Downloader installed on your computer, go to the Step 10

1. Access the Promob Services Portal ;


2. Click the link Promob Downloader or Download your Promob;


3. Click the link Click here to download the installer;


4. The download of the Promob Downloader application will start automatically. If your computer's operating system is Windows 8 Click here to see the procedure to be performed;  

5. Locate the downloaded file and execute, an extraction will begin;


6. Upon completion of the extraction process, the installation of Promob Downloader will begin. Set the language for the Promob Downloader installation and click Next;


7. In the Welcome window of the Installation Wizard, click Next;


8. Set the Promob Downloader installation location. By default the installation wizard sets the Local Disk path C:\Program Files;


9. Please wait while Promob Downloader is installed. Next, choose Promob Downloader shortcut options and click Next;


10. Click on Start to complete the installation and run the Promob Downloader.


11. When you run Promob Downloader, a login screen opens. Enter the e-mail and password to access the Promob Portal. If login data is already saved, this screen will not be displayed, skip to step 11;


12. Locate and click on the desired product from the list that appears. If necessary, use the search field to find Promob;


13. When downloading a Promob with optional CATS it is necessary to choose the version of Promob. After clicking Download;


14. Locate the directory of your choice or create a new directory to save the product installation files by clicking the Create New Folder. Click on OK;


15. Please wait while the product installation files are downloaded. IMPORTANT: If the download of the files is canceled, when the download is performed again, the files will be copied from where the previous download was canceled, that is, the files that have already been downloaded will not be downloaded again;


16. To install the product that has been downloaded click Yes In the message that is displayed or locate the folder where the installation files were saved and double-click the file setup.exe.