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Welcome to the Promob Cut online manual!

Are you starting to use Promob Cut Pro? Click here and see the initial guidelines.
On the left menu, click on the procedure you want to access.
What is Promob Cut Pro and who is it for?
Promob Cut Pro is cutting plan Promob which helps woodworkers and manufacturers to plan the cutting of the modules of the projects. To be highly integrated with Promob, all registration plates, border tapes, accessories and clients is done automatically, the user simply supplement the data if desired.
The Promob Cut Pro features are:
1.  Interface intuitive and easy to use;
2. Backup configurable;
3.  Integration with Promob Plus and Promob Start;
7. Allows importing data;
5.  It offers cutting guillotined (disconnect) and not guillotined (nesting);
6.  Ability to save the remains obtained from the cutting plane;
7. Exploded listing of project modules;
8. Different models of labels; 
9.  Parent module label available for projects imported from Promob.
In addition to these features, you can add the Plugin Editor to Promob Cut Pro. With this, the drilling, tracing and channel registration features are added. Click here to have more information about the Plugin Editor.
If you still do not have Promob Cut Pro contact to learn more!